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Selection of New Villas HOA Lawn Care Company - 2023/24 & 25

Dear Villas Homeowners,

Your Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we have selected our Association's new Lawn Care Service Provider (Landscaper) for the 2023, 2024 & 2025 seasons.

Our new landscaping company will be Brother Bear Lawn Care Services, based in Nampa.  This company has been in business for seven (7) years, the owner is Nick Hanson, and he is coming to us with a great deal of experience in all aspects of the Lawn Care Business.  Nick's team will also have the ability and skills needed to perform a wide variety of personal Landscaping projects and services for our homeowners (services outside of our HOA Contract).   

We are currently working with Nick to finalize our contract and will share that information with you in the next couple of weeks.  At this point we wanted to let you know the Assocation will continue to provide Lawn Care Services to our homeowners.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and support as we work our way through this very challenging task and important responsibility.

Thank You and Best Regards,


Your Villas HOA Board of Directors


Villas End of Season Lawn Care Schedule - Murillo's Landscaping
U P - D A T E #2 - 28 November
Dear Villas Homeowners,
We have just received an update and revised schedule from Murillos concerning our End of Season Landscaping Clean Up and Pruning.
As you all know our Fall leaf drop of Trees and Plants has not cooperated this season and there is still a lot of trees with almost half of their leaves remaining in their canopy.  That said the Board has requested, and Murillo's has comfirmed, they will be back out this week, starting tomorrow Tuesday through Friday, 29 Nov to the 2nd of December.  They also confirmed they are prepared to return on Saturday, the 3rd of December, and if necessary, continue their work into early next week.
The Board and Murillo's appreciate your patience and understanding as this end of season service drags on.  We also want to assure you should further delays be encountered, due to slow leaf drop, we do have the option of having Murillo's come out once that process is completed.
Thank you.
Your Board of Directors
*************** PREVIOUS EMAIL NOTICES ********     
U P - D A T E
Villas Homeowners,
As pointed out in our 18 October Notice below, Murillo's end of season Lawn Care Schedule could, and has now been, impacted by our Weather Conditions and the Leaf Drop Rate of our plants and trees.
However, due to our colder temperatures this last week the Leaf Drop Rate has excelerated.  Murillo's are now hopeful they will be able to complete a majority of our end of season pruning and clean up between the 14th and 18th of November.
Please note, should it be necessary Murillo's is prepared to continue their work into the week of 21 November (or later if required).
We want to thank our homeowners for their patience and understanding as our end of season lawn care services continue.
Thank you.
Villas Board of Directors
********* 18 Oct Notice *******
Dear Villas Homeowners,
The following End of Season Lawn Care Schedule has been provided by Murillo's Landscaping:
10/20 thru 10/21 - Regular Mow Schedule with Leaf Removal
10/25 thru 10/28 - Leaf Removal & Pruning
10/27 thru 10/28 - Irrigation/Sprinkler System Winterization
10/31 thru 11/4 - Lawn Services provided based on Leaf Drop
                            and Weather
11/10 thru 11/18 - Leaf Removal & Pruning
11/10 thru 11/18 - Final Mow & Winterizer Fertilizer Application
This schedule MAY need to be adjusted, and / or extended until November 30th, should there be a delayed leaf drop or inclement weather conditions occur.
Thank you.
Board of Directors
Villas HOA

Change to Villas HOA Landscaping Services - 2023 Season

Dear Villas Homeowners,

The Villas Board of Directors has recently been informed by Murillo’s Landscaping that they have decided to exercise their 6 month “Opt-Out” clause in our three (3) year Lawn Care contract.   This clause applies to both Murillo’s and our HOA, which gave us the ability to terminate the contract for any reason, as long as we provided each other 6-month advance notice (once the Opt-Out clause has been exercised).

For your information, Murillo’s decision was not an easy one for them to make and was based primarily on personal family considerations and another work related opportunity that has come up,  Murillo’s (Renee) informed us that this new opportunity will be less demanding and will allow them to spend more time with their family. Although we regret this decision has become necessary, we also understand Murillo’s position and want to wish them all the best and thank them for their service to our community.

For your information Murillo’s will continue to fulfill their contract obligations through the end of the 2022 season and anticipate their last lawn care services to end on or about the 18th of November.  This date is of course subject to change based on local weather conditions and other factors at the time.  We will provide more details as we approach the end of the season.  

As a result of this announcement the Board is taking the necessary steps to solicit bids from other potential Lawn Care companies to replace Murillo’s beginning in the Spring of 2023.  The Board will keep you (our membership) informed as this process progresses and will announce the selection of our new lawn care service provider once it has been identified and selected.  Our plan or intention is to have a new Lawn Care Service company identified and hired by the end of the year.

The Board also wants to assure our homeowners that we take this replacement process seriously and will do our best to find the most qualified lawn care service company available, while making every effort to keep our operating costs down and hopefully within our current budget and the HOA fees paid by our homeowners.

Should you have any questions or need further details in this regard, please contact our Association Manager, Jean Cariaga, at 208-939-6000 or via email at [email protected].  You can also contact or Board directly at [email protected]

Thank you and we appreciate your patience, understanding and support as we complete this process.


Board of Directors
The Villas at BBM

News from Villas Annual Membership Meeting, 17 March

Dear Villas Homeowners,

Your Board of Directors want to thank everyone able to attend the Villas Annual Membership Meeting held on 17 March, and also thank those who submitted Proxies, thereby allowing official business to be conducted during the meeting.

The following key issues were addressed, decided, and/or shared:

  • The following Board members were re-elected to serve another two (2) year term:  John Boyd, Nancy Harvey, Cheryl Naley, Jeff Hill, and Phil Almeida.  The Board will now meet in the next couple of weeks to elect its Board of Officers.  Once completed the results of those appointments will be announced.
  • The selection of Murillo's Landscaping as the HOA's Lawn Care Service provider was discussed and Renee Zahorik, the Owner, made a presentation reviewing her plan to provide our Lawn Care Services for the next three (3) years.  She also handed out her annual newsletter, providing this spring's services schedule, which you can view or download by double-clicking HERE. Renee also announced that they have been able to hire two (2) new employees and will drop most of their separate/private contracts with other homeowners outside of our community.  These two factors will allow the Murillo's team to concentrate more of their time and resources to support the lawn care services of the Villas.
  • The Villas Financial Reports were presented and reviewed.  It was noted that our Association's financial health is in excellent shape and our Reserve Account is adequate to handle unforeseen expenditures that may come up in the future.
  • The Board reminded attendees that the Villas HOA now has its own Architectural Review Committee (ARC) who reviews all changes or improvements made to the exterior of our homes within the Villas community.  This review process is initiated by homeowners when they submit the Villas ARC Application before beginning a project. The ARC form can be found on our Website (banburymeadows.org) or can also be viewed/downloaded by double-clicking HERE.  Currently, the Villas Board of Directors also serves as our ARC Committee, however, due to interest shown by homeowners/members at the meeting, the Board has decided to appoint a separate ARC Committee comprising of other homeowners from our community.  Once the necessary Committee procedures and guidelines can be established and published, the Board will appoint the members of the new committee and announce that selection when completed.
  • The Board announced its decision to move forward with a community improvement project consisting of the installation of Association/Community Signs, with planter enhancements, on the street light poles on the corners of Par Court, Links Place, and Golf Court.  An example of the type of signage and planter design that will be used can be viewed by double-clicking here. The Villas sign will be created using our Association Logo (double click HERE to view the logo).  The light pole hangers, signs with planters, will be installed once the final design and vendor bid process can be completed.  The Board has set aside $800 to $1000 per sign hanger from our Reserve Account to cover this project.  The Board has voted and agreed that the cost per sign hanger will NOT exceed $1000 each.
  • A proposal/suggestion was made from the floor that the HOA consider having Villas House street numbers painted on the curbs of each residence (within the Villas).  A consensus, from the homeowners in attendance, was this initiative would serve to enhance the community's security and safety by making it easier to find and identify each homeowner's address, especially delivery and emergency services.  Based on the support of this suggestion (expressed during the meeting) the Board will seek bids from appropriate vendors to complete this project.  Unless the Board finds that the project would be cost-prohibitive, plans will be made to move forward to complete it as proposed.  Members will be informed once a final decision can be made in this regard.
  • New Villas HOA Website - the Board reminded homeowners that they now have at their disposal our new Villas HOA Website (banburymeadows.org).  The site contains recent notices sent to homeowners and key or pertinent documents and policies about the Association.  It also has a restricted section for Villas Homeowners Only, which requires they register or sign up for a "username and password".  Once completed this will gain the homeowner access to our "Landscaping Services" section and Community Directory.  Registering will also provide each homeowner direct access and communication with our Lawn Care Provider, Murillo's.
  • End of meeting report/highlights.

Unrelated to our Annual Meeting, the Board also wanted to announce that our Main Irrigation water system will be activated during the week of 11 April.  A separate notice will be released in early April with details outlining when Murillo's will be visiting each property to turn on main valves and test each of our residential irrigation systems, i.e. timers, zone valves, sprinkler heads, drip lines, etc.

The Board would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our homeowners for their support and we look forward to another great year in 2022.

Thank you.

Your Villas Board of Directors 


Villas - New Lawn Care Services Contract & HOA Dues (2022)

Dear Villas Homeowners,

Our HOA Lawn Care Services Contract with Murillo's Landscaping expires at the end of the year (31 Dec 21).  As a result, and as required by our CC&R's, the Board of Directors recently completed the process of soliciting bids / proposals from a group of potential Lawn Care Service companies, which included Murillo's.

Details concerning the soliciation of bids and final selection of our HOA Lawn Care Service Company, begining in 2022, is contained in the attached letter to our homeowners (a copy will also be sent by mail/post).  You can open and download the letter by clicking HERE.

In addition, the Board has updated and reissued our Resolution / Policy governing the Lawn Care Services that will be provided to our homeowners by the new Lawn Care Services Company.  You can view, and download, this Resolution / Policy by clicking HERE.  A copy of this Resolution will also be posted to our HOA Website, under the Villas Section, Homeowner Information Tab.

If you have any questions or need further details concerning this notice, or the attached documents, please contact our Assocation Manager, Jean Cariaga, DSI at 208-939-6000 or by email:  [email protected]  You can also contact the Board of Directors at: [email protected]  

Please note, the Board has tentative plans of holding our next in-person HOA General Membership Meeting sometime during the 3rd or 4th week of March 2022.  Specific details concerning this meeting will be released in January 2022.

The Board of Directors would like to wish all of our homeowners a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you and Best Regards,


Villas Board of Directors


HOA Website:   https://www.banburymeadows.org/



Villas Resolution / Policy - Approved Exterior House Colors

Dear Villas Homeowners,

Your Board of Directors have recently reviewed and updated our Association's Exterior House Painting Policy.  On 9 July they approved a revised policy which better reflects the original color scheme of our community.

You can find a copy of that new policy by double clicking HERE.  

Should you be considering the repainting of your Villas Home (Exterior) please submit the required ARC Application which can be found by double clicking HERE.

If you have any questions or need further details, please contact our Association Manager, Jean Cariaga, DSI at 208-939-6000 or email - [email protected]

Thank you.

Villas Board of Directors






REMINDER - - Announcement - New Villas HOA Website
- R E M I N D E R - 
Dear Villas Homeowners,
The Board of Directors are pleased to announce the release of our new Villas HOA Website.  This site replaces the previous Villas Website which was discontinued by Google about two (2) years ago (that site was created using a Google Database).
Our new site is part of the Main Banbury Meadows HOA Website and can be found in the bottom section of their Homepage at the following web link:  
Once you open that Homepage Link the Villas Section, along with our site's information Tabs (in the left column), can be accessed by "double clicking " the tabs which will redirect you to Villas HOA Information and related documents, e.g. Irrigation Status, News/Notices, Homeowners Information, Villas ARC Application Form, Exterior House Painting and other pertinent policies, etc.
The Villas Website and Information Tabs, on the left of the page, do not require a password for access as the information is non-sensitive and open to the public.  There are however two password protected Tabs that require you to first Register and Login, as a Villas Homeowner, before they will appear on our homepage and access can be granted.  Those two protected tabs are:  1)  Lawn Care & Landscaping and 2) Homeowners Directory. 
At the bottom of the "Villas Homeowners Association" section is the "Villas Login/Register" option.  Double clicking on the "Login" tab below will take you to our "Registration and Login" page (on the right).  If you are a new "USER" to this site (which most of you will be) click on the highlighted "fill out this registration form" at the top of the page, complete and submit the form, once done you will be provided a "Username and Password" by separate email.  After receiving the email return to the Login page and enter the Username and Password at the bottom of the page.  Then return to the left column of the Villas Homepage and you will see the two new tabs mentioned above.
Once you have had a chance to use and review the Villas Website, the Board would appreciate receiving your feedback and comments concerning your experience, e.g. ease of use, is the information provided useful, are there other details you would like to see included in the site, etc.  
As with any new website, it may initially prove to be a challenge to some of our Homeowners.  Should you experience any difficulty navigating the site please contact us at the following email address and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have;  Villas HOA Board:  [email protected]
Thank you.
Board of Directors
The Villas HOA Bd, BBM 

Villas HOA Community Service Announcement - Reports from some homeowners concerning leaking roofs
Dear Villas Homeowners,
This notice is being provided as a community service and ONLY for your information.
The Villas Board of Directors have recently learned, from a few homeowners in our Community, that they have experienced problems with their House Roof Vents (Attic Ventilation).  The potential problem is that some of the vents have been discovered to be made of plastic and can be subject to damage over time due to extreme hot summer and cold winter temperatures (along with hail storms, etc.).  In a few cases, after a proper inspection, some Vents have been found to be cracked and leaking water into the interior of the home (attic, etc).
The Board does not want to alarm anyone with this information, rather share it with you in case you feel it necessary and appropriate (as a precaution) to have your roof and ventilation system inspected.
Should you decide to have an inspection done the Board strongly recommends that you find a reputable Contractor to perform this service.
Thank you.
Board of Directors
The Villas, BBM HOA

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