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Irrigation Water Status
Current Status of HOA Irrigation System, 9 July 2023


Today (9 July) we have received several reports from homeowners indicating they are experiencing low irrigation water pressure.

Please be advised, we have just checked each of our four (4) irrigation pump stations and all are operating at full capacity with normal water pressure.

As a reminder, anyone having low irrigation water pressure should check their main residential filter and individual sprinkler head filters to determine if those filters are clear.

It should also be noted, due to the very dry weather and high temperatures we are experiencing, the demand for irrigation water is very high. As a result, based on the fact our four (4) irrigation pump stations can only support 25% to 30% of our residents at the same time (a total of 320), it is strongly recommended that you adjust the time you water each day in an effort to find that sweet spot when demand is lower.

Thank you and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Board of Directors, BBM HOA



Current Status, 2 May 23 - Main HOA Irrigation System

Dear Homeowners,

The Main HOA Irrigation Pumps and System have been repaired and is now operating normally.  The water pressure has also been tested and is back to normal levels.

Please note, our Pump Company has advised us that some debris/organics will continue to flow through the system for another week to ten days, but should slowly lessen and reach acceptable levels duirng that period.

Your water pressure - - if you continue to experience low water pressure, below 30 PSI, please contact DSI or the HOA at the following email:  [email protected].

NOTE OF INTEREST:  A few homeowners have asked if our HOA Irrigation Water comes from or is provided by the Banbury Meadows Golf Course Irrigaiton Systerm?  The answer is NO, our HOA Irrigation System, Main Lines and Pumps, is a completely separate system operated and maintained by the HOA.

If you have any questions concerning the details above, or about the HOA Irrigation Water you are receiving, please contact Jean Cariaga, DSI, 208-939-6000.

Thank you.

Board of Directors, BBM HOA 



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