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Villas Irrigation Water Status - Shutdown and Blowout of Residential Systems, 15 Oct 21

Dear Villas Homeowners,

As you may know the main HOA Irrigation Pumps and System was shutdown on Friday, 15 October and will remain off until the Spring of 2022.  

For your information the Villas Landscaper, Murillo's, will be Blowing Out/Winterizing our residential irrigation systems this week.  This will require NO action on your part to prepare your irrigation system for the winter season.

Furthermore, additional deteails will be provided soon concerning our end of year Villas Lawn Care Services.

If you have any questions or need further details, please contact Jean Cariaga at DSI, Tel# 202-939-6000 or via email:  [email protected]

Thank you.


Villas Board of Directors


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