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Banbury Meadows HOA Fall Garage/Yard Sale

Dear Homeowners,

Our Fall Community Wide Garage/Yard Sale is scheduled for Saturday, 29 September, from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Each homeowner is responsible for their own sale.  This sale is always well attended and a good way to clean out those garages and closets.  

Homeowners are reminded not to display items on sidewalks or along street curbs.

This event will be advertised through the use of banners at our main entrances to Banbury Meadows and an announcement will be posted on Craig's List.

For your information and use attached is a flyer announcing this event, open or download the FLYER by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions or need more information in this regard, please contact Brenda Hines, our Association Manager at DSI, Tel# 208-939-6000 or by email at brenda@dev-services.com.


Board of Directors


ACHD FY 2019-2023 Integrated Five-Year Work Plan

Dear Homeowner,

The following email from ACHD Planning Supervisor, Mr. Ryan Head, is provided for your information and reference.  If you have any questions or need further details concerning the content of this message please contact Mr. Head at 208-387-6234.


Board of Directors, BBM HOA


ACHD Message follows:


From: Ryan Head <RHead@achdidaho.org>

Sent: Friday, July 27, 2018 10:14 AM

To: Ryan Head <RHead@achdidaho.org>

Subject: ACHD FY2019-2023 Integrated Five-Year Work Plan (IFYWP) Initial Draft Public Comment Period


Dear Neighborhood Representatives:


The ACHD FY2019-2023 Integrated Five-Year Work Plan (IFYWP) Initial Draft is available for public comment through August 20, 2018. The draft Plan can be found at: Integrated Five Year Work Plan 2019-2023 Draft<http://www.achdidaho.org/Departments/PlansProjects/IFYWP_1923draft7182018.aspx>


The IFYWP is ACHD's five-year capital program identifying all planned projects in the areas of roadway maintenance, bridge replacement, stormwater infrastructure, pedestrian and bicycle enhancements, and road and intersection widening. All comments received on the Initial Draft will be reviewed with the ACHD Commission for direction on specific changes to incorporate into the final draft that will be out later this year.


ACHD also created an interactive commenting map (available at the link above). This tool will allow you, and the residents in your neighborhood, to zoom into your neighborhood and see what ACHD has planned for your area. Individuals then can provide comments directly within the map on identified projects. Comments can also be sent via email to projects@achdidaho.org<mailto:projects@achdidaho.org>.


We look forward to hearing from you regarding projects planned in the area and encourage you to share this commenting opportunity with those you represent.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.




Ryan Head, AICP CTP

Planning Supervisor

Ada County Highway District

3775 Adams St

Garden City, ID 83714

(208) 387-6234


Trees and shrubs overhanging Sidewalks/Streetlights/Road Signs

Dear Homeowners,

We would like to remind you that each homeowner is required to maintain their trees and shrubs ensuring they do not overhang community sidewalks, streets, block streetlights or road signs.

For safety reasons there must be at least eight feet of clearance above sidewalks and 14 feet above streets.  Trees and any other obstructions should also be removed/pruned back to make sure they do not block streetlights and road signs (e.g. speed limit, stop and no parking signs).

Thank you for your attention to this matter and we appreciates your support in maintaining the appearance and safety of our neighborhood.

If you have any questions or need more information in this regard, please contact Brenda Hines, our Association Manager at DSITel# 208-939-6000 or by email at brenda@dev-services.com.

Thank you.


Board of Directors

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Emergency Reporting Procedures - Leaks within Banbury Meadow's HOA Irrigation System

Policy / Procedure:

The Banbury Meadows Home Owners Association has its own irrigation system.  We own the main pumps, lines and valves.  However, the homeowner’s irrigation system begins on their side of the HOA main line and valve (buried deep underground) which can be found in the back corner of each lot.

What to do in an emergency when a leak is discovered in the HOA irrigation system:

  1. During normal business hours please call Development Services, Inc. (DSI) 208-939-6000 and describe the problem and circumstances.  Upon their discretion, they will dispatch someone to look at the leak and call Aloha Landscaping if deemed appropriate.  Unless your yard is being significantly damaged we urge you to wait until normal business hours to contact DSI and report the leak.
  1. If possible determine if the leak is in the HOA system/main line or on your side of the main valve.  If you find that the leak is in the HOA system, and it’s after normal business hours, you may call Aloha at (208) 322-9069.  Should you determine that the leak is within your irrigation system you can:  (1) Make repairs yourself, (2) Call your own landscaper, or (3) contact Aloha Landscaping and they will make the necessary repairs at your/homeowner’s expense.
  1. Aloha Landscaping provides 24/7 emergency services and will dispatch a technician to evaluate and fix urgent irrigation problems.
  1. Billing for repairs made: Once Aloha arrives onsite they will confirm if the leak is coming from the HOA main irrigation system or from the homeowner’s.  If the leak is determined to be within the HOA system they will send the bill to DSI.  However, if the leak is found to be within the homeowner’s system Aloha will bill them directly for the cost of the repairs and service call.

Also, it is recommended that you turn off your system as soon as a leak is discovered.  DSI or Aloha Landscaping will know how best to handle the problem and there will be no cost to you unless the leak is determined to be within your/homeowner’s irrigation system.

Thank you.


Board of Directors
Banbury Meadows HOA

City of Eagle and HOA Dog/Pet Leash & Clean Up Policy/Ordinance

Dear Homeowners,

It has been brought to our attention that some homeowners are walking their dogs/pets in the BanBury Meadows neighborhood without a leash and are failing to clean up after them (sidewalks, streets and lawns of both private properties and our common area).

Homeowners are reminded that City of Eagle Ordinance 4-5-1 & 2 and BanBury Meadows HOA CC&R's, 4.19, require all dogs/pets being walked outside private properties be on a leash not to exceed eight (8) feet in length and owners must clean up after their pets.  

For the safety of our neighbors and appearance of our community the Association would appreciate our pet owners support by following these policies and guidelines.

Thank You.


Board of Directors

Ada County Emergency Preparedness Guide

Dear Homeowners,

The attached Ada County Emergency Preparedness Guide is provided for your information only.  You can open/print the guide by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions or need further details concerning this guide, please contact Ada County Emergency Management by calling (208) 577-4750.

Reminder - Residential & Neighborhood Security

Dear Homeowners,

As a reminder, the Board of Directors would like to share with you a helpful and informative Security Guide provided by the Eagle Police Department (to download the guide double click here).  This guide outlines many helpful hints for homeowners to enhance the security of their home and community.   Recommend you print a copy of this guide and retain it for future reference and use.

If you have any questions or need further details concerning this notice or Security Guide, please contact Development Services (DSI), Brenda Hines, at (208) 939-6000 or by email brenda@dev-services.com

Thank you.

Exterior Maintenance of our Homes and Landscaping


Dear Homeowners,

As a reminder, and as we approach the Spring Season, the Board of Directors would like to ask that each homeowner pay particular attention to the maintenance and appearance of the exterior of their homes and landscaping.  In that a significant number of the properties within our community are maturing, it is prudent that each homeowner review the condition of their homes.  Areas of concern should be, but not limited to, faded paint, condition of exterior doors, garage doors and windows, cracked exterior walls, aging roofing material and the general health and condition of their lawns and landscaping.  Where needed and appropriate repairs should be made.  Due to the harsh conditions this winter be advised that there has been a significant increase to the number of trees and plants impacted by winter kill.  Should you have any plants or trees affected by the severe winter we recommend that you have a landscaper inspect them to determine if it is necessary/appropriate to have them removed and replaced.    

In this regard, one of the main concerns expressed by our homeowners is what they can do to maintain the value of their homes?  As you may know, and as a community, the most important factor we can all do to achieve this goal is to maintain our homes at the highest standard possible, which includes regular maintenance.

Please keep in mind, when performing maintenance on the exterior of your home or making landscape improvements, homeowners must complete an ARC application form to make sure construction and maintenance standards established by our CC&R’s are met.  The application form must be submitted and approval received prior to the start of any work.  The application, with detailed guidelines, can be found on our Website at http://www.banburymeadows.org, under “Homeowner Information”, Item #3.  PLEASE NOTE – the ARC Application process has been updated and the review procedures streamlined to ensure we can achieve a quicker response to homeowners.  If you have any questions or need assistance in this regard, please contact our Association Manager at DSI, Brenda Hines, Tel# 208-939-6000.

The Board and Association appreciates your attention to this most important matter.

Thank you.


Board of Directors

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Babury Meadows Holiday Bazaar, 27 October



The Banbury Meadows Holiday Bazaar will be held on Saturday, October 27th, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Banbury Golf Course Clubhouse (located at 2626 N. Marypost Place).

We have new and returning vendors.  Like last year we will have homemade fudge, breads, candy, jams, honey, caramel corn, gift baskets, handcrafted items, quilts, runners, aprons, knitted and crocheted items, jewelry, Scentsy and so much more.  Some vendors take credit cards, most only cash and checks. Stop by and shop for unique gifts for all occasions.  

Should you have questions about this event please call Ronda Oliver, Ph# 208-938-4667, email - rondakay1039@gmail.com.


Banbury Meadows Ladies Luncheon Group - Meets the second Wednesday of every month

LET'S DO LUNCH with the Banbury Meadows Ladies Luncheon Group!

It's a great way to connect or reconnect with folks in and around Banbury Meadows.  We love making new friends and reuniting with old friends.

We get together at noon on the second Wednesday of every month at a different restaurant.  To get on the invitation mailing list (we use evite.com which comes through your email) just send your contact info including an email address to:  judy.borchelt@gmail.com or call 208-501-6071.

Board Meetings
Regular Monthly Board Meetings

The Board meets at 4:00 PM on the second Monday of the month in the Development Services conference room located at 9601 W State Street, Suite 203, Boise, ID. 

Upcoming Events